Task 12: Project 3

Project 3

How to reduce e-waste during the college years: tailored to college students in general, not just New Media students, but with some local resources added.

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project 3- anais jendian

https://new.express.adobe.com/webpage/C70wqNOlV8rEQ   Maxx Smith and I will be discussing the ideas of incorporating gardens into K-12 schools and using the crop for free school lunches.

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Project 3: Roman Brown

https://new.express.adobe.com/webpage/design/urn:aaid:sc:VA6C2:18794014-e752-43b3-bcda-04e8a8bc04e8   Reducing E-waste, why we should do it, along with the effects it has on our people, communities, and animals. How will we stop

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