Task 11: Project 2

Web Project: Design for Culture

Project 2, an individual project, builds on the research and resources you gathered in part two of this course covering AI, Fake News, Propaganda, Surveillance or Privacy.

Consider the topic you used in Task 9 & Task 10, and draw materials, research text or ideas from those to create Project 2.

Some possible topics from Task 10 include (but are not limited to):

  1. How surveillance tech spies on my family via the devices we use in ways I was not aware of
  2. How and why my best friend went down the conspiracy theory rabbit hole, and what might prevent or help cure this
  3. Is Facebook the problem in surveillance capitalism, or does tech just amplify the predatory and destructive nature of capitalism–using research as well as family and/or friend examples
  4. How tech could be designed to reinforce family bonds in my extended family instead of breaking them
  5. In my current job and/or family how do the benefits of AI compare to its dangers?
  6. What are the main digital activism issues college students should be working on to secure our own digital safety and prosperity?

Using the same topic and drawing from the materials from your Task 9 Infographic & your Task 10 essay,  create a web page using Adobe Express  that describes the key issues of concern about your chosen topic, and  your recommendations about how we should respond to those issues. You should try to follow the Intro, Body (3-5 paragraphs), Conclusion format as the essay, but now you will be adding information via images, charts, and media; so you will be making a textual AND visual argument.

Your resources can be text, images, charts, video, audio etc in this multimedia portal.  More visuals can make an easier and more compelling case. But make sure that your “visual argument” is parallel to your textual argument–use visuals to make your case in an orderly way, just as you do with your text. Font, color, design, layout, and style are all part of your message.

In a final credits page, cite ALL your sources, class, professor, music etc.  For your post, use category: Task 11, a relevant featured image, a brief 1-2 sentence summary/abstract in text  and your Adobe Express Page URL–as a clickable link (using either text link or image link).