Task 3

Promoting Good Values & Design

Review the Ledger of Harms we discussed in call and/or Lab.  Pick one of the “harms” and revise some digital design to correct this harm and instead try to support some healthy outcome.

Using this new “healthy outcome” as your Theme, make a 30-45 second video for a 13 year old sibling (real or imagined) about what you think they need to know about one kind of digital media (phone, tablet, laptop, internet, video game etc). Consider your audience savvy with tech, intelligent, and immersed in the tech of your choosing.

In your video, include:

  1. Catchy Title
  2. A situation–eg 10 year old on cell phone instead of helping with family chores
  3. An opening question–eg how to re-integrate 10 yr old into family economy & connection
  4. Define the problem: 2-4 quotes from readings or videos–what some experts you have read say about the issue that helps either describe problem
  5. Propose a solution: use your own ideas but also find 2-4 quotes from readings or videos–what some experts suggest as a solution
  6. Long term Benefits
  7. Credits–sources, your name, class info

ATTENTION: This is NOT a ‘talking head’ video. You can add voice over, but your meaning needs to be conveyed visually via slides, edits, cuts, etc. A simple 30 second voice over with a series of compelling images, charts, video clips would be fine.

If you are familiar with Adobe Premier and have access, you can use that. Otherwise, you can very quickly make a video (if you have some good images and short video clips) with the free, online Adobe Express Video. Use the “Presentation” option of VIDEO.  I’d suggest the “Promote an Idea” option. See  also this Quick Adobe Spark Video Guide. 

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Social Comparison and You

Social Comparison and You