Task 9

Infographic for AI , Surveillance, Fake News, Propaganda or Privacy

One of the major breakthroughs of digital technology has been the creation of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.  This has opened up whole new areas of benefit, but like all technology, the context, and conditions of its making are often embedded in the results.  What happens when AI is used for profit? For power? Who has the resources to use AI and who doesn’t? Can democracy survive the widespread use of AI? Whose lives are made better with AI? Whose are not?

You can also skip ahead to another class topic and ask similar questions, for example for any of the topics listed above: Fake News, Propaganda, Surveillance or Privacy.

There are many questions and issues raised by the emergence of these tech and their uses.  Your task is to  1) research and 2) visualize what you feel are the most critical issues today.

  1. Research: Use class articles and a few of your own (list all sources) to research a few of its benefits and promises, and then describe some dangers or issues that we must monitor closely to ensure its power is used for good. You can raise questions that aren’t yet answered, use statistic, examples, quotes, cases etc to create your visualization.
  2. Visualize: Find a fitting Canva templates for infographics that matches your data best, and use that to tell a story of the main issues in your chosen tech.