Task 7

Family Matters

UPDATE:  A few sentences clarifying your Offer, Ask and Plan would suffice for this assignment. This task is required for credit but ungraded.

This is a real, and thus potentially hard assignment to do well. It may be easy to do poorly.  You will be graded on your effort and thoughtfulness, as the outcome is not in your control.  This is a thinking/writing prelude to Task 13.  For this Task think then write about the following (1-2 paragraphs for each topic:

  1. DISCERN: Based on what you have learned during this class, how has digital tech (internet, social media, smartphones, video games etc) taken up time/space that might have been spent on some form of F2F activity, like doing family chores together, planning, cooking or eating meals, enjoying a fun outing or activity, tackling a problem together etc. You can focus on yourself or the needs of a sibling or parent.
  2. OFFER: What would you be willing to offer your family members to enable more and better quality  interaction with them. Explain if this would be easy or hard and why.
  3. ASK: What will you ask of your family member(s) in order for your OFFER to work better for them and for yourself. eg can you ask for phone free meals? teaching your mom how to play COD, then teaming up with her to beat your dad? giving your younger brother F2F time instead of ignoring him when he reaches for his X-Box.
  4. PLAN: Now plan some kind of way to use your digital skills to convey this OFFER/ASK to them. Maybe you send them a TikTok video?  Or a Facebook Post? An infographic? A section of your Portfolio addressed to your family?   It should be a stunning and effective bit of media that has real impact in the real world.
  5. You will use this plan to actually create your OFFER/ASK to them, and assuming you may see them over Thanksgiving break, to try to put that plan into action. If you won’t nee seeing the, you could ZOOM and connect that way and see what they think of your PLAN.
  6. For Task 13, you will finalize the PLAN, convey to family and report on results.

Families are diverse and none is “normal”, so you are free to define your family as best you can given your circumstances.  You do not have to explain your family situation if you prefer not to, but you should be able to reflect on the effect of your Plan in Task 13.