How to Use an AI Tool

If using for a NMD 200 Assignment

Adding  a short section, before your sources, and after your project, to very briefly explain how, what and why you used AI can make it part of your learning rather than a cheating tool.  Adding your own sources (from the class or personal research) after, also gives you credit for your part.

A good structure would be:


blabla…your project

ChatGPT Reflection




Cite the AI Tool you used

Describe how you used it, and how & why it was helpful.

eg did it help you come up with a good topic?  Did it help organize the subtopics? Did it give you some examples?

Add your own words, organization and information.

One of the best ways to do this is to make sure you use materials you have viewed or read in class–and cite those.

Also adding personal examples or observation is data that an AI would not have.

You can also cite class discussions.

Check to make sure any data you get from your AI is reliable and accurate.

If you can explain what you learned using AI, then you will get more credit for using it.  

eg, my AI generated 6 great topics about how Ai can violate privacy. This opened up my thinking about areas I hadn’t considered and gave ne a good topic to pursue.  I used it to help generate some paragraphs, but then rewrote then using my own words, and som information I got from class readings and/or discussion, for example…