Portfolio 2-final

Create a post for the class website that points to your own wordpress.com site. Use a featured image, and an image link to your portfolio URL . The image can be a screenshot of your portfolio, or a section of it.  Then click on the image and use the link icon in the post editor to add the URL  to your wordpress.com portfolio.

Picking the right theme is a critical first step.  To do so, in your dashboard, under Appearance–>Themes, try to do a search for themes.  You can get a quick preview of the theme before you decide to install it, but the preview won’t look like the theme if you haven’t got much content yet, or you haven’t make key design choices yet.

Essential Elements:

  1. Photo or logo and tagline.
  2. All of your NMD 200 posts. You can just copy/paste the “text” from you told class post into the text tab of a new post on your own site.
  3. Coherent Main Navigation for NMD classes.  Use Post categories to organize your menu, so for all NMD classes use the category “nmd200” then in the menu area, adda menu from “Categories”–> “nmd200” .  Now you have a menu that will open to a page with all of your NMD 200 posts.  You can do the same with other categories and with tags. Avoid using Pages–except for single use pages like “About ME” or “Contact Me” Most content should be in posts so you can organize it with categories and tags (Pages have neither).
  4. Genre Menu Navigation Create other genre-based categories (or tags) that will show off your work like : video, graphic design, code, etc  Add these to any posts (a post can have many categories and tags, like a post could have “nmd200” and “video” as categories and show up in both category “pages”. Add these categories to your Main menu.
  5. About Me page which is a short narrative of where you come from, what matters to you, what your skills or goals are, and what your vision is for your future–you can interpret this loosely to make sense of your own narrative.
  6. A photo of you, possibly in about me page or home page.
  7. All your skills. This could be in the site design/categories or on the about page. You can add your CV as a pdf in the Media library and then get the URL and link to it (optional)
  8. Contact Page, for people to contact you.  Try WPForms plug-in. How to add form.
  9. Your name prominently on front page
  10. Any jobs, internships or real work experience.  This could be in the form of a resume. You can add your CV as a pdf in the Media library and then get the URL and link to it (optional)
  11. Visual appeal: Use some images or graphics and a coherent and simple deign to personalize and  help your site stand out.


  1. Media –like video, photos, etc–visuals make your site stand out
  2. Custom graphics
  3. Make it look like a custom portfolio, not a blog or course website.
  4. Allow access to your classwork, but bury that in a menu that allows you to highlight the genres or types of work or skill you want to show off.
  5. Make sure all entries have featured images, so they give good visual appeal to category/archive pages that list posts in order.
  6. Have enticing visual design that reflects your values & skills

A good source of tips and info–you can search this site:  WPBeginner