Final Project 3 – Sophie Knox and Olivia Falagario

Our project is a company called Earth Friendly Builds. We created a website that educates homeowners and builders about the benefits of eco bricks. Our goal is to inform people about their plastic footprint and how they can reduce this when building things. We offered the benefits of eco bricks, disadvantages, a step-by-step process on how to make them, their history, and why they should be considered. we also wrote about our end goal which is to try and work with local construction companies to implement eco bricks into their building materials. This can provide jobs for communities and homeless people. These construction companies would work with their recycling companies. Our page has all you need to know about eco bricks, including information on carbon emissions and plastic waste, with graphs and an abundance of visuals.

We chose to make this website on Google Sites so we could work collaboratively at the same time. I worked with Olivia Falagario, I did the home page, our mission page, pros page, and the conclusion. We worked together on each page making a cohesive website.

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Earth Friendly Builds – Pros of Eco Bricks (

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