ChatGPT blogging memeFor this task you will use generative AI to re-create the assignment in Task 1, namely examining the effect of a disruptive technology on a particular industry.

  1. Instead of the the list of choices of disruptive technologies, you must pick Generative AI as the disruptive technology to write about with an industry of your choice from the second list. Using the AI custom interface designed for this course and the prompt advice explained in class, ask ChatGPT to repeat the previous assignment, repeated below.
  2. Create a Google or online Word Document for writing and scratch paper throughout this process. Share this so that anyone can edit it. You will link to this in your post.
  3. Draft with AI Assistance
    • Craft specific AI prompts for writing a draft of the essay
    • Input prompts into the AI tool to generate content
    • Respond to the output by asking the AI to revise it to improve it
  4. Integrating and Revising for Quality
    • Check citations and quotes
    • Review the content for coherence, bias, and oversimplification
    • Edit or replace content to fix those problems and improve the essay. You might:
      • Manually edit the content
      • Dialogue with the AI to improve it
      • Add your own analysis
      • or some combination of the above
  5. Add a post with a title like Task 6: Mary Gonzalez and add the category “Task 6”.
  6. In the Text tab, add the HTML snippet at bottom to create a two-column template, then paste in your original essay and the AI-generated one. Include the link to your google document here.
  7. Above the two essays, write a comparison of the two results according to the “essay evaluation criteria” below. (You may write them as bullet points.)
  8. After completing the essay and posting your results, complete this post task survey.

✔️🤖 You must use NMD 100‘s special ChatGPT tool to draft this essay.

Original assignment from Task 1

In one paragraph, explain specific ways that technology could transform how things are done in that industry. In the next paragraph, explain who will benefit and who will suffer due to this disruption. In the third, imagine the effects on society if the old way of doing things completely disappears. What will be gained, and what will be lost? You must cite evidence or quotes from at least three sources.

You may start your research at Wikipedia but the sources you cite cannot be Wikipedia itself.

Essay evaluation criteria

  1. The essay proposes a clear thesis.
  2. The essay presents concrete examples to defend its thesis coherently and convincingly.
  3. The structure is well organized into paragraphs with separate themes and topic sentences.
  4. The prose is grammatical and flows naturally.
  5. The tone and level is appropriate for an undergraduate course.

HTML for 2-column layout

	<div style="display: grid; grid-template-columns: 1fr 1fr; gap: 20px;">
			<h4>Task 1 version</h4>
			<h4>Task 6 version</h4>

List of technologies and industries

Disruptive technologies

  • Generative AI

Industries disrupted

  • 3d manufacturers
  • Bookstore owners
  • Cable executives
  • Camera manufacturers
  • Car dealers
  • Car manufacturers
  • Cashiers
  • Construction workers
  • Customer Service agents
  • Cybersecurity experts
  • Filmmakers
  • Hotel workers
  • Illustrators
  • Librarians
  • Musicians
  • NASA scientists
  • Newspaper printers
  • Office workers
  • Post office workers
  • Radio DJs
  • Real estate brokers
  • Senior citizens
  • Taxis
  • Teachers
  • Truck drivers

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