Intro to New Media

Learn up-to-date creative skills and the concepts behind them

NMD 100 Introduction to New Media is an exploration into the history, concepts, and modern practices of emerging technologies, considering the beneficial and detrimental consequences of their adoption. Topics include telling stories in animation, video, and hypertext; designing user experiences; making web and mobile apps; creating new music, games, and virtual environments; and ethics of the Internet age.

In fall 2023, the course featured an in-depth examination of the impact of generative AI on the full spectrum of digital expression. In the first half of the semester, students write, code, and create media using familiar digital tools; in the second half, they perform the same tasks using tools like ChatGPT, Stable Diffusion, and AudioGen.

Career Paths

An overview of the career paths we offer and

how they will prepare you to design better futures in many fields.

Story Design

Learn how to use story skills in a variety of digital formats and contexts.

Web & Apps Design

Learn website and mobile app coding and design skills.

Visual Design

Learn visual design skills from graphics to animation, to game design.

Our Basic Curriculum

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