What is New Media Reflection

I used to think of new media as any new project/technology related to media in any way. But after reading the article and watching the hackers movie I would have to describe new media as a new idea that completely changes the way we think about a certain topic or media, and example of new media according to the article could be crowdfunding rather than kickstarter. After reading the article I have some new ideas about what is actually new media. Based on the article most things that you may assume to be new media in fact are not. For example when the social media app instagram was first introduced people were talking about it being a new media and how its going to shape communication in the future. While I do agree that instagram has changed most communication for the future, I do not now believe it can be considered new media. I feel like this cannot be considered new media since according to the article social medias are just vehicles for us to convey the new media around us. A good example for this could be the internet based app of kickstarter. Although the app itself is not a new media it is however a great vehicle to convey the new media of crowdfunding, the idea that project can be completely funded by the consumer rather than privately funded. This idea has sparked many new media and it truly embodies the “many-to-many” principle we have been talking about. This embodies that principle for the fact that it takes many people to get most of the projects funded and the projects are most of the time, if not all the time marketed for many people to consume.