Timothy Alholm – Assignment 2.1

  1. The main experiences I’ve had with P2P is with open-source software. I love using open-source software as it allows you to modify and customize it to fit your needs. For example, when it comes to HTML5 programming I use ATOM. ATOM is a text editor that enables users to make custom plugins and share those plugins with other users. I personally use a plugin that allows a live preview.
  2. Cultures nowadays follow capitalist ideals, leading to money controlling all the resources.
  3. So after searching for other economic, I found Socialism, Communism, and an interesting one called Mercantilism. Socialism focuses on a “social” standing that combines communism and capitalism. This is common in smaller countries that don’t have an enormous infrastructure, like Scandinavian countries. A result of these socialist ideals cause a high income tax and required military service. For communism, the government has a stranglehold over its people. Since all the money goes to leaders to be distributed, it opens many paths to corruption where people higher in the chain can control what is done by those beneath them. This is apparent in North Korea. Mercantilism is an interesting idea that I never heard before the quick search. It focus on trade within and outside a nation. This includes high tariffs and government regulation.
  4. Escaping capitalism is what it sounds like. Leaving the capitalist ideas. This however, would not work as many more people will be resistant to this sudden change. This is similar to the “ban guns” ideas. If you were to immediately ban guns, people will resist that sudden change resulting in a very unsafe community. Eroding capitalism is the only way to ensure and “escape” is successful. You can’t quickly force someone to change their ideas. You have to progressively change their ideas so that they are more accepting of other ideas.