Summer Internship at REFLEKT: Week 11

The whole Reflekt family at the summer party! Can you find me?

Similar to last week, much of this week’s work concerned the polishing of the admin portal. I finally got a chance to sit down with Zlata from marketing to discuss the Sketch designs I’ve created thus far to make sure that my vision for the portal truly aligns with our brand and app. As a graphic designer, she was able to evaluate proportions, alignment, use of color, and typography. Being a young startup, Reflekt is currently in the process of building its brand guidelines and Zlata is mostly responsible for that project. Even though she did have a few minor critiques, I was glad to hear that I’d succeeded in my task. She even said that she thinks my involvement on the development of the AP has been crucial for the product and that she’d mentioned it to my manager, Reginald! I hinted that I may be interested in a remote position leading into the school year and she replied saying that would be great news for the direction of this project. This made me feel like the work I’m doing here is really valued at Reflekt and that this is a rare opportunity to tackle something of this magnitude in an internship.

Keeping in that spirit, this week concluded with the annual Reflekt summer party! After a company-wide meeting in the morning to discuss Reflekt’s growth, we jumped on coach buses and headed to Chiemsee, a lake about 20 minutes from the Austrian border. I’d actually made a trip to Chiemsee with a coworker in my first few weeks here, so it was nice to get a chance to return. The Bavarian Alps are in full view on the horizon and on one of the few islands in the middle of the lake, you can find Herrenchiemsee: King Ludwig II’s palace that was built to look like Versailles. I got a chance to take all this in on my first visit and the summer party had something else in store for us.

From earlier this summer, back when I didn’t know what to do with my arms when getting my picture taken

After a quick lunch and some beer, we were all split into teams and were tasked in completing 12 different challenges. Teams were able to complete these challenges to varying degrees, earning points and being ranked among the others. The teams with the highest points were awarded with a prize at the end of the night. Because we were assigned to team number 2, someone came up with the brilliant name “Team 2 Hot.” We definitely won in the name department. The challenges we faced ranged from puzzles, to archery, to blindfolded rock climbing. My favorite (and probably also least favorite) challenge was that we had to climb up a sort of telephone pole with steps on the sides while attached to a harness. Once we reached the top, we had to stand up on the small area and jump off while our team slowly lowered us down. I’ve got a terrible case of acrophobia, so I struggled. I couldn’t have been more proud of myself when I managed to get both legs up and take the plunge, albeit shaking like a dog in the cold.

Our team placed third and we celebrated with a Team 2 Hot chant. After that, we had an amazing Bavarian BBQ of sausage, potato salad, fish, and more. The rest of the night was a blast; full of conversation, spirits, roasted marshmallows, and beautiful views across Chiemsee.

Bonus picture: Got to meet Valerio and his wife in Berlin last weekend! Absolutely wonderful people and an incredibly cool city.