Summer Internship at REFLEKT: Week 10

To start: here are some of the general functionalities of the live Admin Portal!

Due to being “blocked” by the some changes being made by the BE, I turned my focus this week to making improvements to the admin portal. We’ve been making such quick progress on the epic that we haven’t had much time to stop and evaluate what we have done. This is one of my favorite things to do as a designer because I get to pay special attention to alignments and proportions. Okay, sounds pretty boring, but it’s the only way I can satiate my desire to have everything look just the way I imagined it. I’ve found that this effort usually confuses developers, but I think it’s vital to the look and feel of the app. To accommodate for these small tweaks being made, the team has created “polish” tags that allow anyone to point out what needs to be visually improved at some point. Hilariously, one developer saw the upcoming JIRA ticket “Polish the app” and thought we were making a Polish translation.

The “polish” tag was a product of the semi-annual review meeting that happened this week. It was incredibly interesting to see how the app and plans for it have changed over the past year. Not only has it improved a lot performance and feature wise, but it has also broadened the horizons of how successful it could be. Interest in the app among potential customers has increased drastically. That said, there is still a lot to do and a lot of improvements to make. These were outlined in a collaboratively-constructed timeline of the next year. Alexandra, our product manager, added each new feature/goal on a sticky note, placed it on the white board, and had the team decide where it should go. Goals were organized by sub-team: FE, BE, and UX.

I’ve really enjoyed how visual and hands-on processes like this are. Similarly, at the end of each sprint, we write on color-coded stickies indicating things about the sprint that made us glad, sad, or mad. I usually just write glad things, but I’ve found that this is a good medium to air my grievances about certain UX problems. Input here is always gratefully appreciated by everyone around the table.

Lockers covered in pictures of the sprint heroes

Another visual aid, which is mostly just for fun, is the sprint hero. At the beginning of each sprint, there is a plan for what tasks will be included in that sprint. Once those are all ironed out, its time to choose a hero that embodies the goals of the sprint. Sprint heroes vary each sprint by alphabetical order. Sometimes they are superheroes, sometimes they are memes. In any case, the voting process for which hero we’re going to choose is always a blast and brings the team together.

Bonus picture: The Reflekt-branded kicker (foosball) table. We play pretty much every day!