Story Premise // Caitlyn Sharples

Premise:The struggle of an aspiring musical producer who lives on the east coast and the emotional/physical setbacks they have to overcome in order to make it in the west coast. So I want to follow the main character and their journey to the west coast.

Where he must chose his passion or stability due to their fear of failure.

‘Maggie stiefvater’

  1. Write the story that will change your life.


       I chose this as my story premise because it is very personal to me and those in my life. I want to follow the main character who I have decided will be acknowledged as “T” in his struggle of overcoming the fear of failure. I want to show the process by the work they put in, emotionally and physically.

       “Do More”

2. Look for deeper possibilities.

        What if he does make it?

        What if he doesn’t?

        What if his mindset changes and wants different things?

        What if he sets himself free from his emotional and mental setbacks?

3. Challenges for idea

        Some of the challenges I will face in my story will be attempting to rid the listener/reader of the stigma around those who want to create music and be successful. I want to show the reader or listener what drives those who haven’t achieved the success but still have this raw and beautiful passion for doing what they love in a world full of ordinary purposes and recognizing that maybe we can have something much greater.


4. Different Perspective


         Someone who doesn’t know the back story, original and fresh point of view,

        has to become knowledgable of the main character throughout the story.

5. Protagonist



6.  List Conflicts or Challenges for the Character

     Depression, lowest low, and the bounce back.

     Recognizing that he has to DO, things don’t just happen, you make them.

     Passion vs. fame

     What is self-care? Self-love?

     Making continuous work, that is true.

7. The effects




  Love and Finding True Self- how to be the best version of yourself


      To be in the world they wan’t to be in they must adapt but they also must figure out what they value.


      How to love themselves and keep the passion and joy they have in such a miserable world.


        Find feedback, talk out the story idea and do more research on interesting plot concepts.