SES- NMD 490 – Project Description 1.1 – REVISED


In lieu of my 22 year old sons untimely brutal murder, I am no longer interested in completing the “thy Mainer” website and app.

At this point I have to do work that is meaningful for me and that comforts me. This is the only way I will survive these last few weeks of undergrad work to complete by bachelors and graduate this December 2018.


With that said, I am starting a foundation in honor of my deceased son. I have bought the domain name and will begin building a website through the vistaprint application. This website tag line is “To Right the Societal Wrongs”

There are so many horrific things that I have gone through in my life and losing my eldest son to a brutal murder at the age of 22 has to be the worst any person could ever go through. So the foundation and website will encompass some of these wrongs such as “Gun Violence” “Domestic Abuse” “Drug Addiction” “Homelessness” and so on.


I will be creating a local news website using WordPress and possibly creating an app to go along with the website. I have currently spent around $400 on registering copy right, website domain and WordPress hosting fees. I will have to spend at least another $200 to add a RSS feed to the website and create a app. The local news app will aggregate local news, events, arts, lifestyle, etc into one concise location for both the people of Maine as well as out of state visitors. This will help show the bigger and smaller picture of Maine and what it has to offer, with the regions of Maine mapped out for easy access of content.