SES – NMD 490–>490:12

Week 12:

I have added content to the Justice James Foundation website and social media pages:


About: I have added a short bio on my murdered son Dexter Kane Justice James

Memories: I have created this page for people that would like to create a memory box to honor, love and remember my murdered son Dexter Kane Justice James that will be placed at his memorial in California. I also made an alien sign that is placed at the location of his murder directing people to where his memorial has been moved to.

Experiences: I have created son upcoming events and liked the Candlelight Vigil to Evetbrite for tickets and donations.

EMAILS: I have created dedicated email addresses such as etc.

Merch: this page is a work in progress as I need to create a bank account and register the Justice James Foundation as an official organization before creating a PayPal account. I have started working on the merchandise that will be sold to raise money for the foundation such as tee shirts and magnets. 

DKJJ: I edited the Alien Kane x Milo Wolf – AGAIN video

Uploaded both that video and Justice’s memorial video to Youtube and then linked to the DKJJ page.