SarahS 2.1 Story Premise

Story Premise

Come up with a story idea you’d like to work on.

Develop a Premise for the story idea.  Write down your Premise

  • What happens in Fortnite when you aren’t playing.

Then for each item below, write a few sentences for each the following steps to develop a premise:

Write something that may change your life – FORTNITE.

Look for deeper possibilities – Examining the life of one specific character or multiple characters from different points of view. How the impending Cube is looming on the characters. Trying to find love or support a family in the game. Wondering if there’s more to life that Fortnite.

Clarify challenges for your idea – Staying true to the game. Having everything make sense. Trying to think like someone that truly doesn’t have any backstory.

Find an original angle or designing principle – The original angle here would be developing the life of a video game character. Town vs Town, Games of Thrones style.

Identify the protagonist (who will struggle & change) – Need to pick a specific character.

List some conflicts or challenges for the protagonist -Some challenges would be the new characters coming in and making them feel like they aren’t as shiny and new. People coming in and ransacking their house. Dealing with the struggles of everyday life, within the gaming landscape. One town tries to rule everyone and there needs to be a hero to stand up for the people.

Which causes have which effects? – New characters coming into the neighborhood: Making the protagonist lose self-esteem/ Meeting a new potential partner. New game landscape: Causing the possibly for a move. Game Cube: Dooming the town. A town is trying to take control of the game: A new hero emerges and stands up for everyone.

Figure out how and why the protagonist changes – The protagonist could evolve to become better through the help of friends in the game. Could try to become a hero for the good of the towns and the family.

Determine key moral choices faced by the protagonist – Do I change for myself or others? Should I try to fight the cube? What about my (possible) family? Should they move out of the game landscape in search of a better life?

Stick to your original vision, but find the audience appeal – This game is immensely popular and it could be funny and interesting to examine a life that isn’t thought about.