RyanL 2.1 Story Premise

A guy who lives in a simulated reality figures out that there’s more to the world than where they currently are, and as he explores more he draws attention from the people in charge and his friends don’t believe him.


Tell the gospel in a story


  1. Write something that may change your life


A man living in a boring, organized world accidentally uses the wrong herb to make into a tea, and discovers that the world he lives in is much bigger than he thought.


  1. Look for deeper possibilities


The man decides to drink the tea again and make an adventure out into his world, this time discovering that nobody is who he thought they were.


  1. Clarify challenges for your idea


He notices some people are beginning to see him act differently, and when he tells them his truth nobody believes him.


  1. Find an original angle or designing principle


As he discovers more and more about his world, he starts to realize that nobody is going to ever believe him until he convinces them to drink the tea themselves.


  1. Identify the protagonist who will struggle & change


The protagonist is “Senthus”, he struggles to convince people that they are living a lie, and wants everyone to know about it. The problem is that his friends and family refuse to believe that the life they have been living isn’t what it seems. Everyone thinks they know the truth.


  1. List some conflicts or challenges for protagonist


Senthus figures out that there’s a big world outside of the one they live in, but as he explores deeper and deeper he only finds himself more lost.


  1. Which causes have which effects?


Senthus accidentally drinking the wrong tea, leads him down an unending path of discovering more about the world around him.


  1. Figure out how and why the protagonist changes


The protagonist changes because he has no choice. Once he discovers that his reality is not what he thought it was, he can’t close that door again.


  1. Determine key moral choices faced by protagonist


The moral choice facing Senthus, is that either he can let everyone live their specific, organized lives, or he can try to show other people the truth.


  1. Stick to your original vision, but find the audience appeal


The audience appeal is for people looking to read an adventure fiction book about discovering more about their own world, and their own reality.