P2P Reflection

For the Peer to Peer examples

1) Describe an experience you had which links to these P2P project or ideas–these can be in the digital or natural realm, or it can be imaginary, as in a community you think should exist but doesn’t yet. (e.g. should education/knowledge be a for-profit or a sharing economy? Should youth pay to be educated? If not how do teachers earn a livelihood? Get creative.)

Recently I have been thinking about what it would be like to live in the unite states without any greed for money or power. I just wish that we lived the same way that the native Americans did. They had no currency or any concept of ownership. I think that would be how I would structure modern society if I could. I also think that it would be amazing if education was free because I think its pretty wrong that poor people cant get a college education without taking out crazy loans or by going to a community college that is a much lesser education. And since there is no money in my society the teachers wouldn’t have to worry about a paycheck. I also would make healthcare free for everyone because I think that we should all just try and help each other especially if someone couldn’t afford an ambulance ride or anything.


2) Select a few quotes and paste them in a response and explain how the ideas help you think more deeply or clearly about how a culture organizes its resources (i.e. an economy)

“if twitter or Facebook was a nation, would it be a democracy? Not really, You don’t have a say on how the platform is governed”

I don’t really believe that we have a say in how we are governed in America today. I think the people want trump out of office and nothing is happening at all. I think people have an issue with how schools have been run for the last 100 years and we are still trying to teach our children the same way. I think if people really had a voice then this country would be much different because I see huge problems with how we are governed and big companies pay big money to keep it that way.

“Design global, manufacture local”

I think the United states stopped doing this the second we realized that we could manufacture in other places for fractions of the cost to produce them in the united states. I think the design global part does still happen because I think the internet allows almost anyone to be able to share design blueprints with others who may need it.

“p2p is a type of non-hierarchical and non-coercive social relations that enables a transition to a fairer economy for people and nature”

I think it would be amazing if the US economy was much less hierarchical because then the wage gap would be shrunken and politicians are always talking about the wage gap issue in our economy. I think the problem with this is that the wealthiest one percent has been the ones keeping everything the same so they continue to grow their fortunes and i think it would be almost impossible to accomplish this goal.


For Hacking Capitalism:

3) List a few alternatives to capitalist economic structures.  Describe some of the features that make them different. Try to describe how your life might be changed by the establishment of one of these alternatives.  You might describe a chronology of a day, or a scene in which you interact with a new structure.  This can be humorous, satiric, hopeful, visionary.

BurkShares currency economy where Consumers get a 5 percent bump in purchases from this buy-local strategy while improving the regional economy and strengthening the region’s identity through the flow of money.

I think this could be a great way to get a local society onboard with trying to find a new form of economic structure since they are essentially getting free money. also everything would be more fordable so  the local businesses would definitely thrive much more and I think that would help cut down on the power of companies like wall mart or target especially if the people aren’t shopping there and are trying to support local business.

cosmo-local production known as “SLOC”—small and local, but open and connected- commons-based peer production method…that is already developing farm equipment (Farm Hack, Open Source Ecology), furniture (Open Desk), houses (WikiHouse), animated videos (Blender Institute), and cars (Wikispeed).

I think that this would be amazing to make people feel more independent and comfortable with trying to make big things  like furniture for themselves. Back in the olden days i feel like everyone built their houses with their own hands along with their furniture and anything else they could want. I think that with today’s communication platforms on the internet that people would be able to accomplish really outstanding things. I would really love for my local society to start doing this but my question is how do we get everyone onboard with this? the money incentive for Cosmo-local production is self explanatory and everyone would do it but I don’t know how lazy everyone is these days.

I would absolutely love to wake up one day and see people really care about each-other and their local communities. If both of these principals were incorporated into society with everyone then I think that a town like Orono could push out any big corporations that we didn’t want in our community. I think this would also bring up property value around Orono since I’ve seen some of the houses around here. I think this would make everyone want to invest in their community especially if there was the money incentive to bring down cost of living and if people had the support systems to make everything themselves would be phenomenal for us and would limit the government pull around us a lot more which would be amazing.

For How to be an Anti-Capitalist:

4) Wright describes 4 strategies for tackling capitalism: smashing capitalism, taming capitalism, escaping capitalism, and eroding capitalism.  But he says that only taming and eroding will work.  Describe these two strategies, explain why they would work better than the other two, and try to find some examples of these in your own town, community, school, family or state…Describe these examples and explain why they might be part of the grass-roots alternatives Wright is describing.

Smashing Capitalism: the capitalist system is broken and the peoples efforts to make life tolerable within it eventually fail… I do not think that it would be possible for the people to obtain enough power and resources to destroy capitalism especially in the United States. I haven’t heard of anyone or any group being able to accomplish this or having the backing to try and do this.


Taming Capitalism: “it is possible to build counteracting institutions capable of significantly neutralizing these harms of campitalism. Capitalism does not need to be left to its own devices; it can be tamed by well-crafted state policies. taming cap. does not eliminate the underlying tendency for capitalism to generate harms; it simply counteracts their effects”   I think that this strategy of attempting to control capitalism’s power and influence could possibly work because its kind of sneaky and since they anent trying to abolish capitalism I think a lot of people could get behind that and support that even tho the government wouldn’t and corporations definitely wouldn’t. I don’t know of anyone or any organization doing this currently.


Escaping Capitalism: This theory states that capitalism is far too  powerful and influential to be able to abolish or tame at all.This solution states that the system is too powerful and has too much money to be able to change anything. I think that this is the most realistic of all the options because its saying we cant escape capitalism because of what we let it become.


Eroding Capitalism: “The idea of eroding capitalism imagines that these alternatives have the potential, in the long run, of expanding to the point where capitalism is displaced from this dominant role” The “alternatives” this solution is talking about is alternatives to capitalism that would start off small but have very sound principals so that people could get behind it and eventually it would have enough power behind it that it could replace Capitalism. I do not think this is realistic just because i dont think that capitalism is going anywhere but i think this would be a good way to try and influence it.