New Media Strategies Response

Exercise 1: 

Problem: A disappearing language

Solution B is the many to many solution due to the users of the website being able to view personal stories along with information of many Passamaquoddy kids and elders.  Solution A seems to be a one to many solution because the website is only giving out definitions and pronunciations of words. Also, it is done by Native American language experts who are just giving their information to a web designer to put into the website.  Solution B offers first hand stories and meanings of words that other people can view, creating a peer to peer file sharing experience.

Problem: Neglected Ruins

Solution B is the many to many solution due to the ability for everybody across the internet who can view the website to be able to download, scan, and upload stickers to be used by anyone.  Planting stickers around and being able to scan them allows for an innovative peer to peer file and physical sharing. Unlike solution A which only allows for a one to many connection, everybody can interact with everybody who uses the website.  A DVD only allows the creator to interact with the viewers.

Problem: Misunderstanding computer animation

Solution B is the many to many solution because it allows for many animation software companies and archeologists to share their information on this app and allow the users to get their information as well as viewing their work.  Solution A to me, seems like a one to one connection because the creators had to make a physical device that only one person can interact with at a time. Allowing many different viewers as well as creators to show their work and link their own creations allows for a peer to peer sharing experience that comes with the many to many medium.

Problem: A broken fountain

Solution A is the many to many solution because by creating this new garden in the Union, it allows for multiple groups of people from around campus to interact with this garden.  Not only to people get to look at it who pass by, but the dining hall, agriculture club, and anyone who wants to pick fresh produce can interact with this design. Also, the garden allows for those people who interact with it to be influenced by them by gathering their input on what should be planted their.

Exercise 2:

Student films are always set in dorms:

A solution to this problem would be to create an app where users can search for locations.  Each user is not only able to search for locations around the world, but also encouraged to mark locations and upload pictures and videos of them.  Due to many people uploading content, when people search for locations nearby, they may preview each spot and see if it fits what they are looking for.  Crowdsourcing the data on the app allows for the possibility of huge growth rates of users. Ideally, the more users who upload and mark locations around the world, the better the app will be.