New Media Strategies Reflection

Exercise 1.)

  1. For this problem I think in the end both solutions would work if done correctly, but it is in fact only solution A that is an example of the “many-to-many” principle. The reason why I feel that solution A is a good example of the “many-to-many” principle is that since you are giving out many laptops to receive many stories from many grandparents, you are reaching out to a large group in order to communicate a culture to a large group. The difference comes in situation B where even though it could seem as “many-to-many” since they’re gathering a group of experts, but this group of experts is more of a “few-to-many” form of communication. Although solution B is not an example of the “many-to-many” principle that doesn’t mean it isn’t a bad solution, it all depends on the audience your trying to reach with the website.
  2. In the society that we live in today with all the advancements in technology, i feel like not only is solution B the better of the two solutions but it in fact resembles our “many-to-many” principle a lot better than solution B. The reason that I feel solution B better resembles the principle better is that since you offer the stickers to any adventurer who is willing to help, you have the group of many and since anybody can scan the sticker you are communicating to a very large group again. Where with situation A you may be able to gather a large group to watch this DVD, only those with the DVD can watch it so you can only reach out to a few people at a time.
  3. In terms of cool ideas i think that solution A takes the cake, since it has probably ten times the amount of interactivity of solution B. But as far as following the “many-to-many” principle that we have been taking about I think that solution B is way better. While solution A is very cool, and would probably look good in a museum, that’s the problem is that you have to be there to use it so essentially only a few people at a time can view the piece. While with solution B you have an ipad app which means that anybody who has an apple product can download this app and use it.
  4. While I feel as though both of the situations in the problem speak to a large group of people, in the end I feel like solution A is going to speak more to the “many-to-many” principle due to the fact that unlike solution B, this solution can not only be viewed by many but can be used by many. Solution A would definitely be the cheaper and more longer lasting of the two solutions and would require less maintenance. But it definitely is a much better solution as far as bring a large group together on both ends of the problem.


Exercise 2.)

Student Films are Always Set in Dorms   One potential idea to aid students in finding better film locations is to connect them to each other so they can telay new spots for filming to each other. One way this can easily be done is to use a maps like system similar to waze, where students of the community can pin new locations for other students in the community to go film at. I feel that the best way to deliver this idea would be through an app, that way users could check the map and the pins on the go, so they can create anywhere they are or plan to go. The app will allow students to name the pins, add pictures, and add descriptions of the pins to allow other students to scout the map for possible locations depending on the work they’re trying to create. Another possible addition to this solution could be the ability to upload your own content from the locations, so other users could get a good look at how the setting affects the shots. With these videos you could also allow students to upload tutorials of different filming techniques to help other students of the community, you could add a tagging system to the community so users could tag tutorials to a related pinned filming location, so that it pops up next time you are near that location. I feel as though this idea embodies our “many-to-many” approach because it is completely community driven since if nobody were to add pins and new locations to the map the app would never work. The large community adding pins is speaking to a large community of film students looking for new locations to film their work.