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    sample student projects
    Vin Crosbie’s definition of new media
    In his essay “What Is New Media?” Vin Crosbie argues that what most people think are communications […]

  • Maine Agriculture Apps Undergraduate Research Assistants

    The Maine Agriculture Apps Project (MAg Apps) is building a mobile app and dashboard  that enables farmers to monitor production and environmental data […]

  • NowThis is currently seeking Video Interns to expose young students and aspiring media professionals to the process of creating, producing and publishing NowThis videos.

    Learn More

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    Below are some possible individual, team and even class projects you can consider.  Feel free to add your own ideas as comments to this post (I will try to add them).

    P2P affiliated Lab at UMaine via  s […]

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    error:leftover tags in Forum Title


    Screenshot: NMD Faculty group title error

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    Please post any error in this thread. A URL and screenshot are helpful, as well as how you were logged in (faculty or student).

  • To work successfully in New Media, you must understand what the New Media are.

    There is a saying about Einstein’s Theory of Relativity — that what makes it difficult for some people to comprehend is its s […]

  • To Find Alternatives to Capitalism, Think Small
    Why co-ops, regional currencies, and hackerspaces are pointing the way toward a new economic vision.
    By David Bollier   Aug 9, 2017

    In the aftermath of Do […]

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    In late 2017, the House Intelligence Committee released a sample of Facebook ads purchased by Russia-linked agents to influence the 2016 U.S. presidential election. Rather than take a unified stance, they tailored […]

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    How the Real Teens Behind “The Fault in Our Stars” Are Bringing Empathy to the Internet
    They call themselves “nerdfighters”—and they’re unlike any movement you’ve seen before.
    “I’m proud to be a Nerdf […]

    Anticapitalism isn’t simply a moral stance against injustice — it’s about building an alternative.

    For many people the idea of anticapitalism seems ridiculous. After all, capitalist firms ha […]

  • Duplicate the image you are using, save the original if you need it and shrink the copy.

    Rename the copy to a suitable name, then open it in  Preview on mac (or similar software on PC).

    Select Adjust Size […]

  • If AI research continues to advance without enough work going into the research problem of controlling such machines, catastrophic accidents are much more likely to occur.
    Source: Positively shaping the […]

  • They have an unusual hobby: posing as top executives of corporations they hate. Armed with nothing but thrift-store suits, the Yes Men lie their way into business conferences and parody their corporate targets in […]

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    Just invited Jon to group to test run with 2 members

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