NMD 343

street narrative

NMD 343 Digital Narrative 1 focuses on the intersection of New Media technology and storytelling. You will practice telling rich media stories—using HTML, CSS, images, video, and sound, for example—and you will do this in various technological environments.  We will begin with a re-grounding in HTML, and in WordPress, and you will be able to work on your New Media Portfolio site as you go. You will thus create both stories, and the environments in which you can publish them, and others can view them. We may also explore some social media options.

During class we will focus on at least 3 main projects from the following list:

  • A community based non-fiction project, involving photos, video and audio, and live interviews
  • Social media story, eg 59 second video for Instagram, or youtube video
  • A web-based story project, using wordpress plugins, themes and custom CSS, and/or Adobe Spark Page
  • A hypertext and/or game based story involving some CSS and Javascript coding and rich media.

Course Content

Total learning: 13 lessons / 2 quizzes Time: 15 weeks

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