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  • Introduction  We are immigrants to cyberspace, our children are natives. —John Perry Barlow 0/5

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      Introduction To New Media Preview
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  • P2P & Hacktivism 1  New Media is . . . always me and you, and no longer them. There is no longer a “they”, as in, “They say it’s gonna rain today.” It rains, and we know it rains because we can show it to one another. . . when the weatherman says it will rain, we can tell him he’s wrong. We can demand a better weatherman. But most importantly, we can become the weatherman . . . for me, it’s the hope that all we need to cure the world’s ills, to invite more people into the conversation. —ESalvaggio (former NMD student) 0/4

  • P2P & Hacktivism 2  New Media is . . . technical innovation that leads to greater distribution and sharing of information and ideas. —EFoltz (former NMD Student) 0/2

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  • P2P & Hacktivism 3  New Media is . . . the playground for the creative thinking of our age. —GJones (former NMD student) 0/1

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  • P2P & Hacktivism 4  New Media is . . . REVOLUTION REVOLUTION REVOLUTION —PBarry (former New Media student) 0/1

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  • Autobotography 1  New media is like a megaphone. It amplifies your ability to reach more people. —Mark Batterson 0/1

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  • Autobotography 2  New Media is . . . the latest technologies used around the world to express or communicate something. —DGriffin (former New Media student) 0/1

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  • Autobotography 3  How we use our brain changes our brain. —Now You See It 0/1

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  • Autobotgraphy 4  work of the eyes is done, now go and do heart work on all the images imprisoned within you —rilke, turning point 0/1

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  • EcoTech 1  Albert Einstein said technological change is like an ax in the hand of a pathological criminal. —Now You See It 0/1

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  • EcoTech 2  The reason for designing new media is simple—to subtly and quietly change the world. —Hillman Curtis 0/1

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  • EcoTech 3  New Media . . . is influencing our culture by creating new forms of interactive storytelling. Yet by enabling people to participate in such various media they can converge as a crowd to alter the story to create new modes of engagement, some not necessarily endorsed by the creator – or the brands that back them. —Henry Jenkins 0/1

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  • EcoTech 4  New Media are not just mechanical gimmicks for creating worlds of illusion, but new languages with new and unique powers of expression. —Marshall McLuhan 0/1

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  • Final Projects 1  The world’s gotten smaller by virtue of the Internet and new media.—Ryan Phillippe 0/1

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P2P and Digital Commons

You never change things by fighting against the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the old model obsolete.  —Buckminster Fuller


Peer-to Peer (P2P) is changing everything…

Watch the video that open this lesson:  Stacco Troncoso Golden Nica at Prix Ars, Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria,  2016

P2P and the Digital Commons, or How the Internet helped to create an alternative to capitalism that can out-compete it, and can generate radical democracy, thriving ecologies, and vibrant communities.

Watch the short video below, and if this will be a major interest of yours in this class, you may want to check out the website and publications:

P2P Foundation, P2P Library,

Post a a response to response to these viewings in the P2P Reflection Assignment


P2P projects