CamB – 2.1 Story Premise

A college hockey player that loses his scholarship because of a night he doesn’t remember; he might be innocent and falsely accused of something he didn’t do.

  1. Going to a Division 1 school to play hockey and makes a bad decision that can ruin it all.
  2. Something happened that was out of his control. He has no memory of what he did to lose his scholarship.
  3. Dealing with the situation, trying to prove himself innocent for the stunt lost his scholarship. Piecing together the night that the incident happened to know the real story.
  4. The story starts with the incident being in the past and he finds out he’s losing his scholarship.
  5. The Division 1 hockey player (no name yet) trying to get his scholarship back and changes day to day life making better decisions to stay out of trouble.
  6. Doesn’t remember the night that caused him to lose his scholarship. He gets a different story from different people while trying to piece together everything he was told to find out what really happened. He loses a lot of friends in the process from what he was accused of doing.
  7. He loses his scholarship if he doesn’t find out exactly what happened. Everyone looks at him differently from all the different sides of the stories going around.
  8. He changes for the better and doesn’t make stupid decisions that make him lose a scholarship and his close friends. People don’t want to be associated with him until they find out what really happened.
  9. Has to decide who to trust to find out what happened. Taking certain peoples stories might lead him in the wrong direction.
  10. The audience will be interested to find out what is the reason this college hockey player did or was accused of to lose his scholarship.

After talking with my group, I decided to change the main character to a high school hockey player that is losing his chance to get a scholarship for D1 hockey and needs to figure out if he is really even guilty and deserves to lose this opportunity.