Andrew W 2.1 Story Premise

Premise: In a world where life is stagnating and the planet is dying, can a man dare to hope or will expressing such a weakness lead to his downfall?


  1. The modern world is a fairly dark place, some people even refer to it as “A Boring Dystopia”, where the effects of an advanced capitalist society are slowly tearing the world apart. With the view that we are already living in a dystopian society, perhaps creating my own dystopian world can give me some insight on how someone should chose to process the world around them.
  2. I would like to create a small community of characters for the protagonist to interact with. With such reactions I can offer up conflicting outlooks and opinions which could clash to create some interesting dialogue.
  3. Because of the severe lack or resources in this world and the extreme competition for said resources, it makes people in this world at odds with each other, even those who are supposed to be ‘friends’ of ‘working together’ .
  4. The original angle here is suppose is how violently opposed allies in this world can be. In other dystopian stories people often come into conflict, often with other groups and sometimes only occasionally with those within their own group. In this community built for the protagonist, some people serve essential roles but come at odds with each other constantly, and even the smallest conflict could lead to murder or an all out riot.
  5. The protagonist is known to most as the “Gatherer”. The Gatherer goes out into the “Grey”(the destroyed landscape the world has dissolved into) to collect resources for the community. As such he often only spends limited time within the confines of the community. He first went out so that he could help his friends and family survive, but now he struggles to find meaning in his trips, knowing that he only goes on because it is his job.
  6. Challenges include identifying with the problems faced by a majority of community members. His challenges also include dealing with others he runs into out in the waste. Still attempting to hang onto his humanity when survival has become an animalistic circle of life, killing is a hard truth for him to accept.
  7. If he comes back short handed the entire community could suffer. If the community is exposed to this lack of incoming resources their society could break down. Because of their dependance on the Gatherer for special supplies, the townspeople know they rely on him. Because of this many people hold some disdain for the protagonist. No one can attack or challenge the Gatherer because of his elevated status and because most people know that he holds a major role in their society.
  8. The protagonist could grow a connection to the multiple inhabitants. A few people could try and connect to the gatherer on a personal level, and this would allow him to reconnect to people on a personal level. After this a conflict within the community, a minor revolt or a political rift could force the Gatherer to make a decision that dramatically affects his whole community. He may have to make a choice he never would have made in his old life, but knows now that it is the best path going forward.
  9. Should the protagonist kill others in order to increase the chances of his groups survival. Should he back people in his community based on their beliefs or on his opinion of them. Is it better to embrace a life of solitude in the grey, fending for himself, or attempting to hold together hsi fractured community.
  10. The audience appeal is the conflict throughout the story faced by the protagonist. The Grey is a desperate dying land, fraught with danger. On the other hand, the protagonist finds a certain beauty in the tranquility he finds there. It is a quiet place where conflict is subtle, quiet, calm. When he is in town he gets to speak with others, and feel the contact that once went so unappreciated in life. However with contact comes conflict, and people are often as dangerous as they are friendly. This struggle between solitude and contact, peace and conflict, likely told through journal log style writing, would be compelling and would hold the attention of the reader.