1. Write something that may change your life

Winning the lottery would be life changing. Life would become a matter of doing what you want to do rather than doing what you need to do.


  1. Look for deeper possibilities

Living free from the need to work makes people apathetic. They no longer need to do anything. What once seemed freeing is actually the opposite.



  1. Clarify challenges for your idea

The main character struggles with unhappiness after winning the lottery. Society teaches us that we need things to be happy but main character realizes that it isn’t true. Material wealth does not improve this person’s life


  1. Find an original angle or designing principle

The main character experiences disappointment when achieving material goals. The struggle to achieve these things is more fulfilling than actually getting them. The main character also withdraws from life because they do not need to work.


  1. Identify the protagonist who will struggle & change

Man who wins the lottery


  1. List some conflicts or challenges for protagonist

-works hard at beginning, engaged in life, has goals and is driven

-wins lottery and doesn’t know how to deal with actually achieving something. Most of his life has been spend working and yearning and romanticizing material and financial success. But actually, achieving it is not good


  1. Which causes have which effects?

Winning the lottery causes the man to become apathetic


  1. Figure out how and why the protagonist changes

The character changes when he wins the lottery and again when he realizes that financial success is unfulfilling


  1. Determine key moral choices faced by protagonist

Somehow rejects the lifestyle that the money gave him. I want him to do something more creative than just giving the money away