2.1 Story Premise

Story Premise: A college student is caught between two different career opportunities and has a big decision to make.

  1. When graduation college students are sometimes offered more than one career path to pursue. It leaves them with time to reflect on what major they to take in college and why they want a career in it. The student has to decide which career would benefit him the most and allow him to to feel he is on the right track in his life.
  2. The student could choose a trial run in each career to see which one he feels more comfortable with. It would allow time to see the high and lows of each career and what they would do for him. It will make him have to really consider what his decision will be and what the effects of it are.
  3. The story would have to be told in way that has his decision take longer the most of the one he has made in his life. The would be a lot of factors to consider that would influence his decision including the benefits each one presents. I would have to make sure the student thinks about the decision and accounts for every outcome that would come from it.
  4. The story would be based on what his final decision would be and what the outcome of that decision would mean for the result of the students life after college. It will allow the story to tell what influences his decision and the goal he wants to achieve. The story will be defined by the final decision because it will define who he wants to be as a person.
  5. The protagonist will be a student who is going to graduate from college later in the year. He is very successful and has done well in every class he has been in and looks to have a promising future. He hopes that his major will lead to a very promising career in video game design and hopes to create a game of his own someday.
  6. The challenges this character would face would building his final project for a presentation at the end of his final year. He will also have to face the prospect of getting into a successful job that doesn’t have the career he is really interested even though it presents a great opportunity. The decision between careers that he will have to make because he can’t do both and only one will down the path he wants.
  7. The students career path will effect the way his life goes in the future and what his endpoint will will be. The decision of which career opportunity will effect how his last project progresses through out the year. The protagonist final project will effect wether he will graduate in time to accept either of the job offers.
  8. As the story progress the student is deeply effected by this possible career opportunity and it makes it harder for him to focus on his last year. It interferes with his schoolwork and it leads to him pushing the project further down the timeline he made for himself. It also causes him to change how he thinks about his life and what his goal is.
  9. The student will have to make a decision based on what he feels will be right move for future. He also has to determine if it’s good career he will have and that others will approve of it. He also has to make sure he can put his school work first instead of focusing on the future to much.
  10. I want to create a story that details an inner struggle that we all face in our lives at a certain point. Each person can relate to having a difficult time reaching a decision about their life. They aren’t sure how to go forward from where they are and the story will hopefully teach them based on the experience on a college student that they have had similar experiences to compare later on.