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  • Introduction  We are immigrants to cyberspace, our children are natives. —John Perry Barlow 0/5

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      Introduction To New Media Preview
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  • P2P & Hacktivism 1  New Media is . . . always me and you, and no longer them. There is no longer a “they”, as in, “They say it’s gonna rain today.” It rains, and we know it rains because we can show it to one another. . . when the weatherman says it will rain, we can tell him he’s wrong. We can demand a better weatherman. But most importantly, we can become the weatherman . . . for me, it’s the hope that all we need to cure the world’s ills, to invite more people into the conversation. —ESalvaggio (former NMD student) 0/4

  • P2P & Hacktivism 2  New Media is . . . technical innovation that leads to greater distribution and sharing of information and ideas. —EFoltz (former NMD Student) 0/2

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  • P2P & Hacktivism 3  New Media is . . . the playground for the creative thinking of our age. —GJones (former NMD student) 0/1

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  • P2P & Hacktivism 4  New Media is . . . REVOLUTION REVOLUTION REVOLUTION —PBarry (former New Media student) 0/1

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  • Autobotography 1  New media is like a megaphone. It amplifies your ability to reach more people. —Mark Batterson 0/1

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  • Autobotography 2  New Media is . . . the latest technologies used around the world to express or communicate something. —DGriffin (former New Media student) 0/1

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  • Autobotography 3  How we use our brain changes our brain. —Now You See It 0/1

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  • Autobotgraphy 4  work of the eyes is done, now go and do heart work on all the images imprisoned within you —rilke, turning point 0/1

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  • EcoTech 1  Albert Einstein said technological change is like an ax in the hand of a pathological criminal. —Now You See It 0/1

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  • EcoTech 2  The reason for designing new media is simple—to subtly and quietly change the world. —Hillman Curtis 0/1

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  • EcoTech 3  New Media . . . is influencing our culture by creating new forms of interactive storytelling. Yet by enabling people to participate in such various media they can converge as a crowd to alter the story to create new modes of engagement, some not necessarily endorsed by the creator – or the brands that back them. —Henry Jenkins 0/1

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  • EcoTech 4  New Media are not just mechanical gimmicks for creating worlds of illusion, but new languages with new and unique powers of expression. —Marshall McLuhan 0/1

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  • Final Projects 1  The world’s gotten smaller by virtue of the Internet and new media.—Ryan Phillippe 0/1

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  • Final Projects 2  0/1

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Introduction To New Media

We are immigrants to cyberspace, our children are natives.     —John Perry Barlow

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